Our clients

We work with companies and organizations that span a wide range of industries. Knowledge that we gain from one carries over to the next and to the next. Together, the pieces form a greater whole. We draw on this accumulated knowledge to better understand and contribute to each client’s success.

We service large and small clients, whose sales range from a few million dollars to several billion.

We are adept at reaching target groups in every corner of the world. More than two-thirds of our work is directed to international audiences and we routinely produce work in eight different languages.

Experience In a Wide Range of Industries:

Air compressors
Art galleries
Book manufacturing
Construction equipment
Consulting engineering
Educational consultants
Financial services
Food processing
Genetic engineering
Industrial gases
Law firms
Oil and gas equipment
Personnel recruitment
Pipeline coatings
Pipeline inspection and integrity
Professional associations
Silicone products
Welding equipment

Other Companies We Have Worked For

In addition to our current clients, over the past 25 years we have worked for many other fine companies. The logos shown below are the most well known, but there have been numerous others as well. Many, such as Air Products, Dow Corning and Griffith

Laboratories decided to handle their Canadian marketing and advertising out of the U.S. Others such as Bio Logicals, Crouse Hinds, DeVilbiss and Travelers Canada were sold or merged.