Fully integrated B2B communications

We provide clients with the complete range of communications services needed to strengthen their brands and their businesses. From strategic planning and project management to head-turning design and copywriting, we have all the right resources in-house and ready to go.

Businesses today have an unprecedented array of communications tools available to reach and influence their audiences. We work with our clients to define and execute the optimal media mix – using each element to its maximum effect within the given budget.

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Strategic planning

Whether it’s a major product launch or a quick one-off factsheet, we put the appropriate amount of strategic thinking into everything we do. Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of marketing and communications fields, including research, packaged goods, services, journalism, media, and technology.

  • Account management
  • Research and analysis
  • Competitive brands analysis
  • Communications planning

How We Work – Communications Planning System

Creative development

Our writers and graphic designers work closely with our account managers and client communications and product teams. From initial concepts to final executions, we tailor messages, designs and copy to best suit the requirements of all selected media in the campaign. We also work directly with printing and media reps to ensure that everything (magazine ads, tradeshow booths, plasmascreen animations, web videos, etc.) is produced and delivered to the correct technical specifications and reproduced at the desired quality.

Media planning

Besides budget, the most important factors in an effective media plan are the relationships between medium and creative, and medium and audience. We help clients determine which creative-media combinations will have the greatest impact — always considering the ideal balance between traditional and social media. With the plan and budget finalized, we can also negotiate, buy and place paid adverting, and manage the various social elements.


  • Media planning
  • Media negotiation & buying
  • Post-buy evaluation

A Full range of deliverables

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Whether it’s an integrated campaign or a last minute, one-off opportunity, we have what it takes to create powerful ads that are engaging, relevant, clear – and consistent with your brand’s voice. We can coordinate and direct photo shoots, retouch your existing images, create new 2D and 3D renderings, and make the most of stock libraries. Our writers are expert at distilling complexity to focus on the key benefits that will resonate most strongly with your target audience.

  • Newspaper and magazine ads
  • Static and animated digital ads
  • Outdoor and on-site posters
  • TV and radio commercials
  • Web videos
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Websites & microsites

In addition to intuitive navigation and easy updating, we believe a website ought to project a brand’s intelligence and personality. As well as conveying all important information, it should look good, engage, and ideally even entertain. The process begins by working through the objectives with our client, defining necessary content, creating a site map and identifying opportunities for interactivity such as feedback forums, user logins, social media elements or external feeds.

We then proceed with graphic design and writing before moving on to coding, testing and debugging.


  • Content planning
  • Site architecture and graphic style
  • Interface design (desktop & mobile)
  • Content development (copy, imagery, downloads)
  • Content management and coding
  • Search engine optimization
  • Metrics and analysis
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We produce a wide range videos for tradeshows, conferences, web streaming, and sales presentations. Animations are particularly valuable for illustrating complex technologies that can’t be practically captured with live video. Our live-action videos usually combine interview-style segments with facility, process, and event footage. Both animated and live productions can also use a combination of music, 2D and 3D graphics, still photos, on-screen text and voiceovers to present complex messages with clarity and panache. Our modular approach to scripting and design enables the addition or subtraction of information for different audiences and media.

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Corporate literature

While websites have become primary information sources, printed literature still plays a key role, particularly when physicality is more practical or when a certain level of sophistication is desired. Just like advertising, your literature must give readers a good reason to take notice. It should look great, be well written and, especially for industrial and high tech products and services, be very clearly organized and presented. We tailor corporate literature based on audience knowledge, usage environment, and your objectives – ensuring that every piece reflects a consistent brand image in an attractive, easily navigated, and clearly understood way. And we almost always create versions of final pieces to work in a variety of printed and digital formats, in multiple languages.

  • Annual reports
  • Corporate & product brochures
  • Sales & technical sheets
  • Case histories
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Email campaigns & newsletters

Email is the #1 form of interpersonal business communication by a wide margin, and we help our clients use it effectively to maintain regular, meaningful contact with their global audiences. This includes product launch campaigns, special event invitations and follow-ups, as well as regular bulletins and newsletters for both internal and external audiences. In addition to graphic design, copywriting and coding, we can provide database management, deployment and readership tracking. One of our email newsletters has run three editions a year with above-average readership since 2003. We also design printed newsletters for unique distribution opportunities at special events, conferences and trade shows.

  • Theme, title and masthead development
  • Graphic design and HTML development
  • Research, interviewing and copywriting
  • Email list management
  • Deployment and tracking


Branding & identity

We help companies put a distinctive and memorable face on their products and services. With a comprehensive understanding of their competitive situation and strategic direction, our designs capture the essence of their corporate purpose and style. In addition to corporate logos and slogans, we also develop identity programs for products and events, capitalizing on their particular themes and benefits while maintaining the desired connection with the larger brand personality.

  • Logo design (companies, products, special events)
  • Slogan development
  • Stationery, forms and presentation materials
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Social media

Social media is a highly effective and economical way to maintain regular contact with your customers and employees, and inspire their engagement. It is particularly effective for driving website traffic, promoting product launches and other newsworthy event, piggy-backing on related efforts by your customers, suppliers and other partners, and creating interactive opportunities in other media. We are adept at developing campaigns that integrate seamlessly with traditional marketing activities and materials to enhance the effectiveness of all.

  • Campaign planning
  • Content development
  • Integration with other campaigns and special events
  • Scheduling and deployment
  • Tracking and evaluation


Public relations & earned media

Based on a client’s current position in the marketplace, we evaluate potential opportunities and problems that may exist for customers and stakeholders. From there, we evaluate options for delivering the most credible and effective messages possible. The final mix could include anything from traditional press releases and interviews to social networking campaigns, special events and sponsorships.

  • Identifying earned media opportunities
  • Networking with publishers, editors & producers
  • Event planning & coordination
  • News releases, press kits and press conferences
  • Facility tours & open houses
  • Event management
  • Speeches & presentations
  • Articles & advertorials
  • Crisis management
  • Media & interview coaching


Trade shows, conferences & events

We provide clients with all the tools they need to wow an audience, whether in a sales pitch, conference address, technical presentation, training session, or on the tradeshow floor. We write and edit scripts, create branded presentation templates, produce liveaction and animated videos, and design ads, invitations, large-format displays and speaker support materials for print and projection. We deal with booth manufacturers and printers around the world, providing final art in whatever formats are needed by local suppliers.

  • Booth design and graphics production
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Supporting handout materials
  • Videos and animations
  • Premiums and promotional items
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