Baker Hughes ad campaign

This campaign opened up RainMaker's well-known umbrella icon to catch the benefits its customers were longing to find.

Baker Hughes Bently Nevada Global Services brochure.

Baker Hughes Digital Solutions Interactive PDF

ESI Specialists Document management and electronic discovery services

Ferguson + Mak Forensic accounting

Invodane Engineering firm owned by an innovative Dane

Baker Hughes VLM Kiosk


Baker Hughes Turkstream Case History


Web site for Kim Spencer McPhee Barristers

Interactive brochure for Youva

GE Oil & Gas SeaSmart video

Arbitration Place promotional video


Whether it’s an integrated campaign or a last minute, one-off opportunity, we have what it takes to create powerful ads that are engaging, relevant, clear – and consistent with your brand’s voice. We can coordinate and direct photo shoots, retouch your existing images, create new 2D and 3D renderings, and make the most of stock libraries.
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Our writers are expert at distilling complexity to focus on the key benefits that will resonate most strongly with your target audience.

  •  Newspaper and magazine ads
  •  Static and animated digital ads
  •  Outdoor and on-site posters
  •  TV and radio commercials
  •  Web videos

Branding & Iconography

We help companies put a distinctive and memorable face on their products and services. With a comprehensive understanding of their competitive situation and strategic direction, our designs capture the essence of their corporate purpose and style.
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In addition to corporate logos and slogans, we also develop identity programs for products and events, capitalizing on their particular themes and benefits while maintaining the desired connection with the larger brand personality.

  •  Logo design (companies, products, special events)
  •  Slogan development
  •  Stationery, forms and presentation materials

Event graphics

We provide clients with all the tools they need to wow an audience, whether in conferences, trade shows, training sessions, or sales pitches. We create booth and event graphics, write and edit scripts, create branded presentation templates, produce live-action and animated videos, and design large-format displays and speaker support materials — whatever is needed to properly punctuate the message being delivered.
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  •  Event planning and scripting
  •  Speech writing
  •  Presentation development
  •  Booth and event graphics
  •  Videos and 3D animations
  •  Apps
  •  Premiums


In addition to intuitive navigation and easy updating, we believe a website or interactive presentation ought to project a brand’s intelligence and personality. As well as conveying all important information, it should look good, engage, and ideally even entertain.
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The process begins by working through the objectives with our client, defining necessary content, and identifying opportunities for interactivity. Only then do we proceed with graphic design, writing, and development.

Only then do we proceed with graphic design, writing, and development.

  •  Content planning
  •  Site architecture and graphic style
  •  Content development
  •  Interactivity opportunities and functionality
  •  Content management and coding
  •  Search engine optimization
  •  Metrics and analysis


Just like advertising, your literature must give readers a good reason to take notice. It should look great, be well written and, especially for industrial and high tech products and services, be very clearly organized and presented.
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We tailor corporate literature based on audience knowledge, usage environment, and your objectives – ensuring that every piece reflects a consistent brand image in an attractive, easily navigated, and clearly understood way. And we almost always create versions designed to work in a variety of printed and digital formats, in multiple languages.

  •  Annual reports
  •  Corporate & product brochures
  •  Sales & technical sheets
  •  Case histories
  •  White papers and technical articles


Whether live action, 3D rendered, or 2D illustrated, our modular approach to scripting and video design enables the addition or subtraction of information in order to tailor the message for different audiences and media.
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These videos can use any combination of music, voiceovers, text and visuals — making them ideal for tradeshows, conferences, websites, social media, and face-to-face presentations.


Businesses today have an unprecedented array of communications tools available to reach and influence their audiences. We work with our clients to define and execute the optimal media mix — using each element to its maximum effect within the given budget.


All of our people are smart, experienced and highly competent in their specific areas of expertise. All but two have been working here for more than seven years. Before they signed on with us, most worked for large ad agencies on global brands. Our graphic designers are the new breed of professionals who can fully integrate digital into the traditional marketing mix.

Jennifer Dewar


Jennifer Dewar


Jennifer is highly experienced and accomplished in every facet of marketing communications. Whether it’s introducing leading edge technology to the global oil and gas industry or repositioning a well-established professional services firm, her clients rely on her to deliver rock-solid advice and sustainable results.

After completing her MBA, Jennifer began her advertising career working for large international ad agencies on clients such as Apple, Hershey, Heinz and the Ontario Lottery Corporation. Since then she has focused her efforts on working with clients and building her agency’s reputation as one of the top marketing communications boutiques in North America.

Michael Lake

Creative Director

Michael Lake

Creative Director

Michael has more than 15 years experience on both the Account Management and Creative sides of the business. So he understands the important mix of strategic and creative thinking needed for effective communications. Before joining our team, he produced work for clients such as CIBC, Suzuki, Guinness, Labatt, Goodyear, Star Choice and Hershey. His Dewar portfolio covers everything from ads and brochures to enewsletters and videos.

He has a knack for concept development, from that first kernel of an idea all the way through refinement to final execution – whether it's a snappy slogan and logo, ad campaign, brochure or website. He's a first-rate wordsmith who can make the most complex and technical subjects reader-friendly, no matter who the audience. He also directs our graphic-design studio and provides personal client consultation. When not behind his computer, Michael is often found behind such things as cameras, guitars, goalie pads, motorcycle handlebars and scuba masks.

Sandra Rubin

Strategic Communications

Sandra Rubin

Strategic Communications

Sandra is a widely acknowledged expert on the convergence of media and law. Sandra is a prize-winning investigative journalist who pioneered the coverage of corporate law as a beat for financial newspapers in Canada. The founding editor of Legal Post, she has also written about law for The Globe and Mail, American Lawyer, Lexpert, the National Law Journal, the Daily Deal and the Association of Corporate Counsel's magazine, The Docket.

Sandra was charged with implementing Best Lawyers in Canada into the National Post in 2007, and co-designed a branding program that ran across the daily newspaper, FP Business Magazine and the Canwest Interactive web site. She is also the co-founder and designer of the Canadian General Counsel Awards program. Since leaving full-time journalism, Sandra has been writing and consulting on law and media.



Dewar Communications was founded in 1989 in Toronto, Canada. We provide a full range of business-to-business marketing communications to clients in high-tech and professional-service industries around the world. Our work reaches across multiple cultures and languages — for both regional and global audiences.
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